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Lower back pain is common: Let us view its Causes & Treatment

Lower back pain is common among both normal delivery and Caesarean delivery mothers. The birth of the child fills the mother with delight but also presents a number of difficulties. Long days without sleep are common after giving birth because you are responsible for the infant round-the-clock. You can feel physically and mentally weary.
Mothers who give birth naturally or via Caesarean delivery frequently experience lower back pain. We discussed the causes of this health issue with our expert, Dr. Sukriti Jain, Consultant Obstetrics and Gynecology, Cloudnine Group Of Hospitals, Navi Mumbai, Vashi.
What causes lower back pain after childbirth?
The specialist said that lower back pain after giving birth might result from a variety of physiological changes. To start, among other things, common causes include obesity, loosening of pelvic bone ligaments and joints during labour, backward curvature of the spine, altered posture before and after delivery, lack of exercise before and after delivery, insufficient calcium and D3 supplementation, and prolonged labour.
Measures To Prevent Postpartum Lower Back Pain
Prenatal exercises done under a qualified physiotherapist’s supervision can aid in preventing postpartum lower back pain. It is advantageous to consume enough calcium and vitamin D3 supplements both before and after delivery. To avoid back pain, watch your posture both before and after giving birth. To make it simpler for you to return to your pre-pregnancy weight after giving birth, keep an eye on your diet during pregnancy and stay away from items that cause you to gain a lot of weight. After delivery, postnatal workouts help to strengthen the back’s core muscles. Stretching for 10 minutes each day can help you regain your back’s flexibility and aid in weight loss. After giving birth, refrain from doing any hard lifting.

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Use local painkillers or oral pain killers to take care of the pain
To treat the pain following pregnancy, take either oral or topical anaesthetics. As an alternative, lower back discomfort can be relieved by using a hot and cold compress. For the post-delivery patient’s early recuperation, this should be supplemented with postnatal exercise. Both pelvic bone and core movements should be included in postpartum workouts. Make sure you talk to your doctor before doing these exercises at the same time. Belting out or wearing an abdominal binder supports the back muscles “the specialist stated.

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