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Jennifer Lopez mysteriously deleted all her Instagram posts

Jennifer Lopez holds one of the highest fan base on Instagram with a total of 226 million followers. However, all her Instagram followers recently noticed a dramatic change in her feed – all the posts on her Instagram handle were deleted out of the blue.

Although there could be a hundred speculations about the above move, there is not a single explanation as to why she took such a drastic decision. Her feed appears completely dark, making everyone question the reason behind this decision.

What do the sources say about Jennifer Lopez’s perplexing move?

According to the Unilad, Jennifer Lopez might have taken this huge decision to capture the attention of even those who don’t follow her! Such unpredictable moves are often attempted before the announcement of something huge that requires a massive following! She might be up to some big project related to movies, music, or something else. also read:-List of best Thanksgiving moives, must watch with Family

Also, Jennifer Lopez’s other social media handles are in perfect condition, the same as they were before. She holds a total of 347 million fan-following, out of which 226 million were following her on Instagram. As her other accounts remain unchanged, TikTok and Twitter are the places where her fans are speculating over the real reason behind this decision.

Unilad also informed that recently Jennifer Lopez’s production house by the name Nuyorican Productions shook hands with Netflix to feature documentaries and movies. The impulsive decision to vanish from her Instagram might be a promotional strategy to turn all eyes on this deal.

How is JLo’s fan base reacting to this move?

Twitter is abuzz with several tweets from her fans who are as shocked as you and me about the whole situation. People are also connecting this decision with the promotional stunts that Kanye West pulls on his social media handles. However, amidst all the speculations and debates, there are a few fans who are wishing her the best, praying that nothing serious has happened to her!


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