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List of best Thanksgiving moives, must watch with Family

The traditional Christmas and Halloween movies are enjoyed every year around the world. But when it comes to festive movies, Thanksgiving is a holiday that finds itself sadly underrepresented . There are still several classic films where Thanksgiving plays a role. Reddit users have recently shared some of their favorite Thanksgiving movies, for the celebration of the upcoming holiday. These films get audiences into the Thanksgiving spirit more than any others.

Films with hilarious jokes, touching relationships and dark themes

The Big Chill is a classic ’80s comedy. It featured some of the biggest actors of their generation. The ensemble brings festive story of family and friendship to life with plenty of hilarious jokes and touching relationships.There are so many great actors in The Big Chill, elevating it way beyond its simple script and turning it into a hilarious viewing experience.

Another one is Black Friday which technically comes after Thanksgiving. But there’s still a lot of festive spirit in Casey Tebo’s chilling horror feature from last year. Speaking about the story, the group of toy store employees as they’re forced to protect each other from a horde of infected shoppers.It’s a great holiday-themed horror for fans of the genre, keeping spirits light despite its dark themes.

Never miss these evergreen Thanksgiving movies

Alice’s Restaurant (1969) is the oldest Thanksgiving movies that audiences are still interested in. Arthur Penn’s classic adventure is filled with laughs and charming performances that hold up immaculately todayl. Many families citing this film as their annual Thanksgiving watch. also read:-Here’s the route & timing to know about this year’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Another one in the list is Dutch. Story that makes Dutch a Thanksgiving movie for many audiences. With the cold weather and tender family moments that cause Reddit user ohanonymousone to view the film as perfect Thanksgiving viewing.

The film follows Ed O’Neill’s character as he’s forced to spend time with his girlfriend’s son. Their growing relationship elevates the film to ‘comfort movie’ status for many.
James and the Giant Peach recounts the story of Roald Dahl’s classic children’s tale. It brings unique animation style and a surprisingly heartfelt screenplay. The fall atmosphere and family values make this a perfect family movie.

This this Disney movie features many meals audiences would love at Thanksgiving.
Also, Son-In-Law tells the story of a country girl , who invites her outgoing friend Crawl to her family Thanksgiving meal in an attempt to pose as her fiancé. It’s a hilarious comedy , but the charming characters and family atmosphere keep it exciting every year.Its a dynamic one that’s entertaining from start to finish.


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