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If you are planning a road trip, then definitely go to the places on this highway

Being the longest national highway in India, NH 44 offers a great experience to people in terms of road trips. Starting from Srinagar to the last end of the country i.e. Kanyakumari. This highway is popular as the longest highway in the country. Let me tell you, this national highway covers many places from north to south.

If you are going from north to south or want to go, then you can include Jammu and Kashmir, which is called heaven on earth, in your list. Green grasslands, natural scenery, ancient lakes and high mountains spread far and wide give Kashmir a different look. From this highway, you can go to Srinagar, Sonamarg, Gulmarg can also be enjoyed while living in Kashmir. If you come to this place, then definitely enjoy some tasty dishes like Rogan Josh and Yakhani Pulao.

Coming from Kashmir, you will enter Punjab, a place that has been the center of green revolution in India. Apart from its lush green fields and sprawling farms, Punjab is also a big industrial hub, producing clothes, sports goods, bicycles and pharmaceuticals. Jalandhar and Ludhiana are the two major hubs that fall on NH44. If you are fond of sports shoes, then you can buy as much good sports gear as you want in Jalandhar. Now that you have come to Jalandhar and Ludhiana areas of Punjab, enjoy some Punjabi dishes here too.

Kurukshetra place on the highway
You must have heard a lot about Kurukshetra in Mahabharata, you must have been hearing about the war here since childhood. You can also drive to Kurukshetra on this highway passing through the state of Haryana. Here you can see the Shri Krishna Museum, capture historical artifacts of the era of kings in photos. This city is built close to a water body, which is called Brahma Sarovar, it is considered very sacred by Hindus. This place is also worth seeing.

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Agra City
The city of Agra is known for its seventh wonder Taj Mahal. NH44 originates from the heart of Agra city. Here you can see the architecture of the medieval period, Agra Fort, Mahtab Bagh, etc. are some places, which can be seen in Agra. The taste of pethe in Agra is also quite fun, if you return home, then definitely buy petha from here.

Mathura is also connected
Mathura, situated on the banks of river Yamuna, is a place that is associated with Shri Krishna. Famous among the most sacred religious places in the country, this city has also been described in many records. Mathura can prove to be a great sight to visit while driving along NH44. If you are going to Mathura, then go to Vrindavan along with you. Both will not take you more than one to two days.

You can also go to Kanyakumari.

To go to Kanyakumari, you have to catch this highway. Let me tell you, this place is the last road of the national highway. This is the place where three large water bodies are present – the Indian Ocean, the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal, from their confluence, Kanyakumari looks very beautiful. There are also many places to visit here, you can sit comfortably on the seashore, and not only this, you can also enjoy some tasty sea food.


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