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World’s oldest banyan tree found in Up’s Bulandshahr, its age is more than 500 years old

The mythological and religious history of banyan tree in India is quite old. This tree is consider a symbol of giving life and promoting happiness and prosperity. If you’ve ever noticed, people often plant it around their home as well. The banyan tree is a tree that lives for thousands of years.
A team of scientists has researched about this and claimed that the banyan tree does not yet exist in the whole world. Let’s give a little more information about this tree.

This tree is 500 years old.
According to a report, a team of scientists from the Botanical Survey of India, Prayagraj Center, Bebe-Boleyi University, Romania and a laboratory in Johannesburg, South Africa have discovered this tree. It is estimate that this tree is 500 years old. Located in Narora district of Bulandshahr, this tree has been discovered during a floristic survey in Ganga Ransar. Let me tell you, this tree comes in 10th place in the world’s giant banyan trees due to its size.
The upper circumference of the tree is spread over 4,069 square meters.
The upper perimeter of the Narora banyan tree is spread over 4,069 square meters. According to the process of radiocarbon dating the tree is 450 to 500 years old. The team said that these trees are present at a distance of eight km from the Narora Power Plant in Bulandshahr (UP).Also read:Hero HF Deluxe 135: Hero Motorcop is moving towards a new segment
It’s okay even after many disasters.
This remains in very good condition even after being 500 years old. Scientists from Romania have found out its exact age. The special thing is that so far the tree has faced many disasters and many diseases, but still remains in good condition even today.
It is one of the largest trees in the world.

The world’s largest tree is F. bengalensis Thimmamma marimanu in Andhra Pradesh. This tree is spread over 19,107 square meters. This is follow by the Kabir and Banyan tree in Gujarat, which is spread over an area of about 17,520 square meters. Then comes the 16,770 square metre banyan tree in Uttar Pradesh. Kolkata’s Great Banyan tree, considered to be the world’s oldest and largest tree, has now come in fourth place with 16,531 square meters.


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