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High cholesterol: Indications on your toes and fingers that levels are dangerously high.

1.Keeping the cholesterol in control is crucial:

Everyone needs to monitor their cholesterol levels on a regular basis. Blood flow disruptions to particular body parts are what cause tingling in the hands and legs. Blood thickens as a result of high blood cholesterol levels, which disrupts the regular flow of blood to the nerves and causes tingling.

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2.Factors that lead to high cholesterol:

Cardiology Consultant Dr. Tanmai Yermal Jain of Manipal Hospitals in Kharadi, Pune says, “High cholesterol levels increase the likelihood of several alarming conditions and diseases. Along with eating meals that are high in fat, other factors that contribute to the accumulation of cholesterol in our bodies include smoking, drinking, not exercising, and being overweight. Blood vessel blockages and potentially fatal conditions like heart attacks or strokes may result from this.”

3.Painful finger and toes:

Painful fingers and toes may also be a sign of high cholesterol. It may hurt to touch the hands and legs because of cholesterol buildup in the blood vessels. Tingling in the fingers and toes is another frequent indicator of high cholesterol levels.

4.Yellow cholesterol deposits on palm:

As per Dr. Yermal, “Yellowish deposits on the skin, particularly around the eyes, the palm, and the backs of the lower legs are signs of hypercholesterolemia. If theĀ  deposit is in the area around the eye, it is known as a xanthelasma, and if it is in any other body part, such as the hands or legs, it is known as a xanthoma. The fingertips do not become numb due to high cholesterol.”

5.Yellow and orange deposits on eyes:

On the skin, particularly on the upper eyelid, the palms of the hands, and the lower portion of the leg, there are small yellowish and orange-colored growths or deposits. Clusters of fatty deposits form in the body if the condition causes hypertriglyceridemia levels. Cardiovascular and neurological conditions are brought on by high choles terol and hypertriglyceridemia in the patient.

6.The Takeaway:

Make sure to change your diet, lifestyle, and engage in regular exercise if you want to avoid the disease. To maintain the ideal state, medications must be started if the condition is on the severe side.

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