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Here’s What’s Open and Closed on President’s Day 2023 and Why We Celebrate the Holiday.

Even though it’s called President’s Day today, George is the real focus. Although Washington’s Birthday is the actual name of the holiday, retailers have persuaded us otherwise.

With a Congressional proposal to honour all of the U.S. leaders, the government did consider changing the name of the holiday in 1951, but it never took formal action. The “Uniform Monday Holiday Act,” which moved the celebration from the founding father George Washington’s actual birthday (Feb. 22) to the third Monday of February, was the closest they got, coming 17 years later.

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Retailers noticed the proximity of Washington’s and Abraham’s birthdays in the 1980s, which led to the creation of “President’s Day” as we know it today.

Like many Federal holidays, President’s Day frequently causes some confusion. A few offices are shut. Others carry on as usual. Additionally, there are higher than average chances that you won’t complete any bank-related tasks or meet with government representatives today.

Here is a list of businesses that will be open and closed on January 20, 2023.

President’s Day: What is it?

President’s Day was informally expanded in recent years to honour other presidents, including Abraham Lincoln (born Feb. 12) and Thomas Jefferson. Officially, today is meant to specifically honour George Washington and his contributions to the nation (who was born in April).

It’s a unique holiday because President’s Day is more widely recognised than Washington’s Birthday, which is its official name. Presidents Day, President’s Day, and Presidents’ Day are all commonly used names for this day, though there are as many as 15 different variations across the states.

President’s Day: Are banks open?
Nope. Since President’s Day is a federal holiday, most banks will be closed that day. Of course, you can still use ATMs to withdraw cash or deposit funds into your account.

On Presidents Day, will mail be delivered?
Not a letter from the USPS. On that day, mail delivery is suspended, but UPS and FedEx continue with regular operations, including deliveries for all divisions.

Does President’s Day see trading on the stock market?
It isn’t. Today is a closed market day for the New York Stock Exchange, Nasdaq, and bond markets. The day after that, on April 7, is Good Friday.

On Presidents Day, are there any government offices open?
Nearly all city, county, and state departments will be closed in addition to the federal offices. That implies that everything will not be accessible, including courtrooms, city halls, and DMV offices. Additionally, most schools are closed for the day.

Which stores are open and which are closed on Presidents Day?

Basically none. President’s Day is a significant government holiday, but no significant retailer closes for the day. In fact, many provide special sales with reductions on apparel, electronics, mattresses, and


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