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Kyle Busch can’t win Daytona 500, references Dale Earnhardt.

For the situation we were in, I wish we had raised the white flag. Kyle Busch has expressed dissatisfaction with what he perceives to be the Daytona 500’s decline. He described the finish of the race as a “wreck-fest” earlier this week, explaining that winning this race is largely a matter of circumstance and does not necessarily indicate that the winner is a top-tier driver. Similar anger came out of him Sunday night. It’s just standard procedure, he said. “I come down here every year just to see what lap I come out of the care centre and when and where I’m going to crash.”

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Right before the most significant portion of NASCAR’s most significant race, the No. 8 race team’s radio chirped to life, and the team’s driver said something verifiable. “That would have been the victory in 1998, boys!” said Kyle Busch. This fact made mention of Dale Earnhardt Sr. Also present were multitudes. Earnhardt arrived at Daytona International Speedway in 1998 as one of the greatest drivers in history. His seven Cup Series titles had been won. He had earned the moniker “The Intimidator” because he was a no-holds-barred racer who was one of NASCAR’s most iconic and divisive personalities.

But despite 19 attempts, he had yet to prevail at the Daytona 500. Similar to Busch, who entered the Daytona 500 on Sunday as a two-time Cup champion with nearly every conceivable nickname. But he failed to win the Daytona 500, much like Earnhardt. Earnhardt triumphed in that crucial race almost 25 years ago. At that time, there was no overtime, and he triumphed cautiously.

There was extra time in the race on Sunday. Busch then radioed his remark at that point. Busch eventually finished 19th after becoming lost in an overtime collision. In other words, Busch and Earnhardt are very similar. “So I wish it was 1998 rules.”

Austin Dillon, a teammate of Busch’s at Richard Childress Racing, hoped Sunday would be the 8 car’s big day as well. They cooperated to overtake Brad Keselowski and Chris Buescher in the closing laps; if the race had continued, they probably would have finished in the top two. However, Daniel Suarez lost control before the white flag appeared as required. Restarting began. Busch’s chances of winning the title were also eliminated. I really wanted Kyle Busch to win the Daytona 500, so I really hate it,” Dillon said. It was one of those deals where it’s a difficult point to be in, but looking back, probably should have been a little more selfish up until that point, honestly.



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