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Here is the interesting information about the world’s largest station Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central Terminal is known for being the largest railway station in the entire globe. This station was constructed between 1901 and 1903. The building of this station has an intriguing backstory because it was intended to rival Pennsylvania’s railroad station at the time.

“Something people don’t know about the largest railway station”

It was constructed in an era before heavy machinery. Its biggest train station was constructed over the course of more than two years. This train station is so large, according to US media accounts, that 10,000 people collaborated daily to build it. Not only is this station renowned for its size, but also for its architecture and style.

44 trains can halt at once at Grand Central Terminal

This station has 44 platforms in total, allowing 44 trains to stop at once. Let us mention that Grand Central Station has served as the backdrop for numerous movies.

Interesting facts about Indian Railways

The name Mathura, which is located in the state of Uttar Pradesh, is registered for the greatest railway junction in all of India. A railway station is considered to be at a junction when at least three different routes cross it. As a result, the Gorakhpur railway station in Uttar Pradesh is home to the world’s longest platform. Earlier versions of this document were filed under the name of Kharagpur station.

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Grand Central Station, Park Avenue and 42nd Street, New York City, USA, built during 1903–13, contains 44 platforms, making it the largest station in the world by platform count. With 26 tracks on the lower level and 41 tracks on the upper level, they are spread across two underground levels. The station is 19 ha (48 acres) in size, and on average, 125,000 commuters and 660 Metro North trains pass by it each day. Moreover, the Waldorf Astoria hotel, which is close to Grand Central Station, has a hidden platform. It is thought that President Franklin D. Roosevelt utilised this to exit the hotel in his wheelchair while remaining hidden from view (after giving a speech).


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