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‘The Last of Us’ Episode 6 recap: Reunited brothers spark family drama for survival

n Sunday, HBO and HBO Max broadcast The Last of Us episode 6, which saw Ellie and Joel (Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal) reunited after witnessing their new friends Henry and Sam suffer terrible fates.

They did, however, manage to get away from the infected marauders of Kansas City. They are back on their true mission in this episode of The Last of Us , trying to get in touch with Tommy, Joel’s estranged brother (Gabriel Luna).

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He is the only one who has the ability to link Ellie up with the Fireflies, a rebel organisation that hopes to replicate her resistance to the fungus that has turned billions of people into monsters and, hopefully, mend this broken world. Let’s dive into SPOILERS to find out how successful they are.

Death River

There they meet Florence and Marlon, an elderly couple who lived in seclusion and survived the outbreak (played by Elaine Miles and Graham Greene, respectively of Native American and First Nations origin).

Despite the fact that our heroes threaten to shoot the couple, Florence gives them soup because it’s cold outside and Marlon warns them not to cross Yellowstone River because only “death” lies there (the map reveals that they are in Yellowstone National Park).

Once again on the road, the two make a nighttime stop and discuss their hopes for the future in the event that Ellie’s blood truly does return the world to a pre-outbreak society.

Ellie, who has expressed her desire to become an astronaut like the late Sally Ride, is a little bit more aspirational (who became the first American woman to fly to space in 1983). Ellie’s tone suggests she isn’t sure it will ever happen, though there is a hint of sadness after she says it. Joel, unconsciously slipping into reassuring dad mode, expresses an out of the ordinary amount of confidence that the treatment will be effective.

Tense encounter

As Ellie and Joel cross the river, a group of individuals set a sniffer dog on them to see if they are infected. Joel receives the all-clear from the puppy, but it appears that Ellie won’t be as lucky since we already know she’s been bitten and the dog might rip her to pieces. Even though Joel braces himself for the worst, the dog continues to be friendly to Ellie. Phew.

A woman in the group (Rutina Wesley, whom you might know from True Blood) turns out to be Tommy’s wife, Maria, and brings them to their rather lovely settlement for a reunion.  Awkward.

In the game, where Ellie and Joel stumble upon Maria and Tommy’s settlement, this plays out very differently.

When nasty marauders attempted to enter the town, like the ones we saw Bill fending off, Maria and Tommy claim that they created the “river of death” reputation by leaving their dead all over the area.

Since Tommy cut off radio contact with Joel as part of their protective measures, things become tense between them. Tommy is less likely to take charge of guiding Ellie to the Fireflies because Maria is also expecting. Furthermore, Joel’s grief over Sarah’s passing makes it difficult to imagine his brother moving on with his life.

Before Joel storms out, Tommy says, “Just because life stopped for you, doesn’t mean it has to stop for me.”

Ouch. Joel appears to have a panic attack when he sees a woman walking down the street with hair that resembles Sarah, which suggests that his friendship with Ellie and conversation with Tommy are bringing up old wounds.



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