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‘Gold’ movie review-thriller fails to sparkle : Alphonse’s return as a director after a seven-year

Gold movie reviews don’t go well. Filmmaker Alphonse Puthren appears to be in this situation with Gold, which arrives seven years after Preman.

Trends shift, tastes change, and occasionally the trendsetters of the past find themselves playing catch-up. Lacking fresh ideas, they might even rehash tried-and-true methods. There are occasional glimpses of his talent.

Like Puthren’s first Neram, gold occurs over a brief period of four days. At the front of his home, Joshi (Prithviraj Sukumaran) discovers a broken-down car carrying a shipment of portable speakers. He cannot get his recently delivered car within the compound because the driver is nowhere to be found. The police are also dealing with a predicament identical to Joshi’s, and Unni (Shammi Thilakan), the filthy rich owner of the consignment, is searching for the same.

The cast of actors and performances

This mixture has the potential to provide a funny comedy of errors on television. Nothing is underlying all the flashy surface to support a colossal length of 165 minutes, except from the initial novelty of the circumstance the abandoned truck creates.also read:-This November, Delhi experienced cleanest air since last six year. Why?

Many actors worked in the movie but none of them stay long enough for their presence. Even Nayanthara ends up as one of them, albeit in a minor role with only a few lines to deliver.

Even with these flaws, the movie might have succeeded if all the jokes were funny.

However, just a few of the situational comedy moments work here. Unlike Neram or Premam, both of which have humour as their strongest strength. Some of the diversions, particularly a protracted one featuring Lalu Alex, are nearly intolerable.
The organic pictures of nature and other components that were successful in Premam are recreated here as well. However, the repeated images of the praying mantis, ants, butterflies, and sky—supposed to be symbolic imagery—here come off as gimmicks. The final straw appears to be the protagonist being whitewashed in the epilogue.

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