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This November, Delhi experienced cleanest air since last six year. Why?

Delhi’s average Air Quality Index (AQI) puts average AQI for November in the ‘Very Poor’ category for November with the number 321. Although this air quality is still bad enough to affect most people with prolonged exposure. But, this November, Delhi’s air quality was the second-best since 2016.

Why there is relative improvement in Delhi’s air quality ?

Not even November but October was also the second best in the category. An HT analysis shows that some of this could be because of the weather in Punjab and Delhi. And not because of the more effective pollution management by governments of the two regions.

How much air improvement did Delhi experienced this November?

Speaking about Delhi’s air improvement, there’s a change of 8% compared to the six-year average ending 2021.And this made the air in November 2022 the second-best in any November since 2016. The beginning and the end of the month were far from good. The first week was the second-worst since 2016. also read:-Will Smith opened about the famous slap happened at the Oscars

Same with the last three days of the month. If not for such days, this could have been the best November air Delhi experienced in six years. According to the Daily AQI data, the 2022 AQI level was the best in the past seven years on eight days, second best on six days, and third best on seven days.

How did Delhi get its best air for the three weeks in the middle?

Strong surface winds or rain in Delhi can clean Delhi’s air. This too irrespective of whether the source of pollution is farm fires or local factors. But unfortunately, these particular weather factors were not the most favourable this year. So, rain or wind did not clean Delhi’s air.

There was no rain in Delhi this November in 2018, 2019, or 2020.Wind speed was also not as fast as in the past. The wind was 13% slower this November on average, as compared to the 2016-2021 average. Although, during the second week it was faster by 15%.This draws that the relatively clean air this November is not because of any cleansing of pollutants.

Moreover, minimum or night temperature has actually been warmer than in the past.While the average maximum or day temperature in Delhi has been lower than the normal average. A week-wise breakup shows that after the third week, the nights became colder than the 2016-21 average which is when air quality took a turn for the worse.


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