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Five, six to nine songs are put in the same film of Rajshri Productions

Watching some movies of Rajshri Productions often reacts to the audience’s reaction to ‘Baap Re, how many songs are there in it’. Why only Rajshri Production’s film, songs are the life of every Hindi film. Sometimes they take the story forward, sometimes they make the story beautiful. Whether the film is full of action or thriller, the makers find instead of fitting the songs. What to do about movies? Their soul and emotions reside in the songs. Five, six to nine songs are put in the same film. But, can you imagine that a film should not have 5 or 6 or 72 but a full <> songs?

There were 72 songs in the film.
Do you know what was the name of the film in which 72 songs were added? This film was Indrasabha. Due to the songs, the length of the film also reached 3 hours 31 minutes. Due to the 72 songs in the film, it has become a world record in itself. It has been 91 years since the release of the film, but so far no film from all over the world has been able to break this record. There were 9 thumri in the film. Holi had 4 songs, 15 different songs, the number of ghazals was 31, the film was completed with 5 verses, 5 chaubola and 5 common songs.
There are more records.

The actress of this film was Jahanara and the actor was Mr. Nisar. Along with being an actress, Jahanara was also a wonderful singer of that era, who was also called the night angle of Bengal. The first film named Indrasabha was made in the year 1925, but that was the era of silent films. When films got voice, in 1932, JF Madan’s company once again produced Indrasabha. You must have always heard that Alam Ara was the first speaking Indian movie. This movie was the first Indian talkie. While Indrasabha was the first sound-sounding Indian film.


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