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Famous floating bridges you ought to visit soon for Lifetime experience.

What would it be like to be driving on a road that was floating in the middle of a body of water? Exciting and a little frightening, yes? Among the many man-made buildings in the world, floating bridges have to be some of the most fascinating.

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While pontoon bridges, also referred to as floating bridges, were used as temporary buildings during times of war and other emergencies, bridges are constructed to link land masses that are separated by a sizable body of water.

If you’re looking to mix things up on your travel bucket list, there are a number of  bridges around the world that could provide you with an unforgettable experience. Here are five well-known floating bridges that you should explore soon.

Shiziguan Floating Bridge, China

One of the most well-known pontoon bridges in the world, the Shiziguan floating bridge, also referred to as the Long Bridge of Dreams, is located in Xuan’en County in the southwest of the Chinese province of Hubei. It’s breathtaking to be tucked away in Shiziguan, surrounded by a river and lush green trees. People who cross the wooden plank bridge have the incredible impression that they are floating on water.

Nordhordland Bridge, Norway

Between the islands of Flaty (in Alver Municipality) and Klauvaneset (in Bergen Municipality), in the Vestland county of Norway, this stunning structure spans Salhusfjorden.While pontoon bridges, also known as floating bridges, were built to connect land masses that are separated by a sizable body of water, they were also used as temporary structures during times of war and other emergencies.

Homer M. Hadley Memorial Bridge, Washington, US

This floating bridge, also known as the Third Lake Washington Bridge, is located in the Seattle metropolitan area of Washington. With a length of 5,811 feet, it is the fifth-longest floating bridge in the world. Earlier portions of the bridge began to sink in 1990 while undergoing renovation and repair.

William R. Bennett Bridge, British Columbia, Canada

In the interior of British Columbia, the William R. Bennett Bridge connects the towns of Westbank and Kelowna by spanning Okanagan Lake. The floating bridge, which measures 1,060 metres in length overall, can pitch, roll, yaw, move up and down, and dynamically react to waves and wind.


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