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Did you know about the Whistling Village of Meghalaya?

Kongthong village must rank among the most intriguing places to visit in India. This unusual village, which is tucked away in the East Khasi Hills district of Meghalaya and is nearly 60 km from Shillong, has a population of over 700 people.

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The people of Kongthong, who live amidst beautiful natural scenery, don’t really speak a language that uses words. In fact, the locals communicate with one another by whistling or singing in some way. The fact that each person in the village has their own distinctive tune makes them even more interesting.

“With a distinctive melody, the locals here call to one another. This custom has been practised for many years “Villager Phiwstar Khongsit spoke to news organisation ANI.

This song is known among the Kongthong locals as Jingrwai Lawbei, or the Song of the Clan’s First Woman. “This village has about 700 residents, so there are roughly 700 different songs. One song is presented in two distinct forms—a long song or tune and a short tune. If one person passes away, his song or tune will also pass away and will never be performed again “Jipson Sohkhlet, a different villager, revealed.

For many generations, this custom has facilitated long-distance communication among the locals. It is truly amazing how the villagers have preserved this tradition for so long. The Whistling Village in Meghalaya needs to be on your travel bucket list if you’re looking for a getaway in the northeastern region of India.


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