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Director James Cameron terms Avatar 2 as the worst business scenario in the history of movies

According to James Cameron, directing Avatar 2 – the way of water went far over the budget. He also informed 20th-century studios and Disney about the movie being the worst business case in history. The movie is about to release in a week, and the expense estimates point toward a production budget of $250 million.

Although the speculations are not confirmed yet, the movie definitely has an expensive shooting. Other than this, the pirates of the Caribbean is the most expensive movie with a $422 million expenditure record.

How much does Avatar 2 require to break even the budget?

Director Cameron informed that the movie requires to perform phenomenally, so much so that it ranks at the third or fourth highest-grossing movies spot. To reach such a peak, Avatar: the way of water requires to defeat star wars or avengers end game.

The movie can only make a profit when it crosses the avengers’ end game that earned $2.7 billion profit, or titanic, which was also directed by James Cameron. Hs calculations suggest that any income below $2 billion will be a loss for the movie. also read:-Social network users switching to Hive as Elon Musk takeover Twitter

How did Cameron get a nod for Avatar 2?

Director Cameron has always served brilliant blockbusters, which is why it often gets hard for studios to reject his creation. However, before the Avatar’s release in 2009, Fox had already rejected the movie due to its high costs.

But James had full confidence in his creation, and he further told Fox’s owner Peter Chernin, that if the movie performed out of the box, Peter will look like a d–k to everyone due to the lost opportunity.

Initially, Cameron used to be a little bit defensive about the costs incurred in his movies. However, after a while he started using those costs to his advantage saying that if he has so much money to make a business case, then why won’t he go for it. It’s better to spend the money in movies than to put it in some other use.


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