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Social network users switching to Hive as Elon Musk takeover Twitter

As soon as Twitter has Benn take over by Elon Musk’s , users have been fleeing to other social apps. Open source microblogging platform Mastodon and niche communities like CounterSocial have been used more than Twitter. Now, Hive, another social app is seeing a boost in sign-ups in response to the upheaval at Twitter. The app today is in the top 20 on the U.S. App Store after seeing a surge of new interest over the weekend as Twitter continues to devolve.

Is Hive is a Twitter clone?

Hive was founded in 2019 by a 22 year old Kassandra Pop. Hive is not a direct Twitter clone. Instead, the social app was described in a Teen Vogue profile last year as combining concepts from a variety of social networks. This included both Instagram, Twitter and even MySpace.

It also got a feature that lets users add music to their profiles, among other things.The app is also not solely timeline-based, like Twitter. With the main feed, Hive’s users can explore their interests across a range of topic-based communities.

Is Hive a distinct platform from other social networks?

Similar to other social networks, here users can like, comment and repost the shared content, as well as click on hashtags to dive in further.Hive may feel more comfortable to former Twitter users looking for a new home as the app has a simple and familiar set of navigation options. also read:-Bruce Lee died from drinking excessive water? Is overhydration harmful?

There are tabs for viewing the main timeline or feed, it has got a “Discover” section for exploring the social network, a tab for accessing your profile, and another for your notifications. There’s also a button to create a new post.

Hive uses the same follower-based model as Twitter.Hive avoids personalization algorithms in favor of a chronological feed and it doesn’t monetize using ads. Instead of this, Hive offers users the ability to pay to unlock additional slots that let them showcase more of their favorite music on their profile.

Hive’s total installs in last 30 days are way too much

According to data from app intelligence firm Sensor Tower, around 214,000 of Hive’s total 733,000 lifetime installs have been observed across iOS and Android arrived over the last 30 days . Sensor Tower said that Hive seems to have gained the attention of those even outside the U.S.. It’s s non-U.S. installs account for around 86% of Hive’s total downloads.


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