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Criminal Mind Actor Shemar Moore Is Expecting His First Child With Jesiree Dizon

The 52-year-old “Criminal Mind” actor made the announcement in a preview clip of his appearance on “The Jennifer Hudson Show” on January 26. Moore claimed that on February 8, three years after his mother Marilyn Joan Wilson-Moore passed away. He will “make one of her dreams come true” by becoming “a parent.”

The actor danced and gushed about being a parent

I was concerned for a time that maybe the ship had sailed, but God had my back and everything was in place. It will be the happiest time of my life, “said he. My life is very amazing, but I’m confident that when God does call my name and I have this experience, I’ll be able to enter paradise whole.

Moore later uploaded a video of the gender reveal to Instagram with his model partner Jesiree Dizon. Dizon, 39, said to the camera, “I honestly simply want whatever is healthy, happy, like (Shemar) says, ’10 fingers, 10 toes’.” It’s going to be fantastic, and I’m just so eager for this part of our lives together.”

The model is already a mother to Kaiden, 16 and Charli, 5 who are both from prior relationships.

Moore was bullied in school

Shemar Moore has been candid about the bullying he experienced after relocating to the United States when he was six years old. Because he was multiracial, he was victimised by others. He used to feel awful about himself because of his dark skin and unusual hair because of the schoolchildren.

The devotion to pets of Shemar Moore

Moore adores pets to the hilt. Moe and Shug are the names of his two bulldogs. He clearly loves dogs because they frequently go with him. Even though they slobber, he doesn’t even think twice about loading them up in his extremely costly vehicles. In addition, his Criminal Minds co-stars adore his dogs because they frequently appear in tabloid photos holding them.

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Moore’s adoration of food

Shemar Moore likes cooking at home more than anything, although he is not a very good chef. He can do the dishes and create tasty sweets, though. He enjoys eating Chinese, Mexican, Indian, and Italian cuisine. Moore also enjoys pizza with sausages, pepperoni, BBQ chicken, and mushrooms as toppings.




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