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Viral Jokes: Read these 5 jokes to make your day hectic free

Viral Jokes: Everyone needs to laugh in today’s hectic world because it keeps our spirits up and creates a nice atmosphere in the home. The family members are less stressed if there is joy in the home. So let’s all relax at home and laugh together. You should also frequently laugh aloud in addition to this. Laughter boosts our immune system. That is why we have provided you with a selection of amusing jokes that will have you in fits of laughter.

So let’s embark on a trip of endless laughter.

1)Husband- Stones fell on my wisdom that called your DP a nice pic.
Wife- There was also a curtain on my intelligence, who commented on your pic of handsome look.
Husband: It would have been nice to unfriend you at the same time…
Wife- If I had blocked you at the same time, I would not have seen this day today.

2) Teacher: Where were you all these days, why didn’t you come to school?
Golu- I had bird flu ma’am.
Teacher: But this happens to birds, not humans.
Golu- Where do you understand humans? You make a chicken every day..!!

3)Banta- How many bananas can you eat on an empty stomach?
Santa (thought for a few moments) – I can eat 6 bananas.
Banta replied with a laugh – wrong answer friend,
where will your stomach be empty after eating the first banana!?
Therefore, you can eat only
one banana on an empty stomach.
Santa reached home and asked
his wife how many bananas can you eat on an empty stomach?
Wife: I can eat 4 bananas.
Santa (said in a disappointed voice) – If I had said 6, I would
tell you a cool joke.

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4)boy: I will marry a girl
who is hardworking,
lives in simplicity,
maintains the house,
is obedient.
Girlfriend: Come to my house,
all these qualities are in my maid.

5)women – Doctor Sahib, my husband has started talking in
his sleep! What to do?
Doctor: Give them a chance to speak during the


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