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Autocorrect in our smartphones is one of the most useful feature

Without a doubt, the autocorrect feature in our smartphones is one of the most useful yet deceptive features of all time. While it works well most of the time and serves its intended purpose, it occasionally produces absurd results.
Here are some examples of times when autocorrect messed up our words and sentences while we were writing, leaving us with nothing but regret and laughter.

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1. Paneer’Labrador’ is misspelt as Paneer’Lababdar.
Nandita Iyer, an author and columnist, posted a photo on her social media account demonstrating the perils of using the autocorrect feature. A restaurant misspelt the popular dish paneer ‘lababdar’ as ‘labrador,’ a dog breed, in the image.
2. Master Suite? More of a “Matter” Bedroom.
Shanta Sakkubai, a social media user, shared how her autocorrect changed the word’master bedroom’ to’matter bedroom’. She added to her embarrassment by forwarding the text as it was ahead.
3. When Shashi Tharoor, the original English professor, made a typo.
Shashi Tharoor and flawless English go together like pasta and garlic bread. However, his autocorrect feature also abandoned him, resulting in a meme frenzy across social media platforms. While discussing Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmavati and its contentious release, the politician left his followers perplexed with the words ‘thang hoog hats’ in a tweet. Later, he admitted that he made a typographical error that meant ‘than goonghats’.
4. What are Rabid Sweets? Thank you, but no!
We all go to weddings for the food, including myself, because how can we pass up those delectable dishes and sweets? However, if we ever saw a sweet infused with the word ‘rabid,’ we would be horrified.
5. Only Mahira Khan and her mother are experiencing Servere Autocorrect issues.
We’ve all had a text message conversation with someone where we couldn’t get the right word or sentence at first and had to share a series of messages, right? The actor and her mother went through the same ordeal. According to her screenshot, it took her three attempts to get the correct word across. Her mother, on the other hand, started a laugh riot with her response, which was another autocorrect fail.

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