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Variety of critisism for Taylor Swift’s plan to turn into a director, look what Guillermo del Toro says?

Sensational singer Taylor Swift’s plans to turn into a director is being encouraged by Filmmaker Guillermo del Toro. Recently, Taylor was criticised on social media after it was announced she would take part in directors panel interview with filmmaker Martin McDonagh.

Guillermo del Toro came up to the defense of Taylor Swift. He amidst recent online criticism of the singer. It took place in Hollywood trade magazine Variety’s Director on Director series with Martin McDonagh.

Taylor has also directed a short film based on her song All Too Well. It announced her untitled directorial debut soon after. Recently, Guillermo del Toro revealed that the two had chatted. He had great admiration for the singer-songwriter.

People showed displeasure with Taylor’s selection

Variety announcement sharing their displeasure with Taylor’s selection had being flocked by the Upset Twitter users.One Twitter user wrote, “Taylor swift who directed 1 (one) short film in the same lineup as Ryan Coogler and Rian Johnson.” While another one tweeted that, “What is this BS?? yt (sic) mediocrity really be prevailing but what do you expect from Hollywood.” Several Taylor Swift fans also defended the singer, making her choice on the panel a divisive topic. also read:-Anne will not be on the board for The Princess Diaries next installment untill Julie joins

The Mexican filmmaker spoke while speaking to W magazine, “She’s a very accomplished director, she’s incredibly articulate and deep about what she’s trying to do—and what she will do. I have the greatest admiration for her; we had one of the most stimulating and gratifying conversations.”

Guillermo says….’We have many, many common interests’

The love of books was also bonded by the unlikely pair . Guillermo also said, “We have many, many common interests. And her interest in fable and myth and the origins of fairy tale is quite deep. I gave her a few books that I thought would be interesting for her—among them, very importantly, a book that was useful for me in creating Pan’s Labyrinth called The Science of Fairy Tales, which codifies and talks about fairy tale lore.”

Taylor would like to trade places with ‘him’ for one day

Last week, the Oscar-winning filmmaker attended a museum event in New York City. He was there to promote his new stop-motion animated film Pinocchio which is out now on Netflix. He spoke about his conversation with Taylor and their mutual admiration for one another in the promotional event. They had also met up recently to talk in person. Taylor would like to trade places with him for one day, she revealed in another interview with The Hollywood Reporter. Adding to which she said that she was floored by his “imagination, visual vocabulary and that astonishing body of work.”


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