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Urfi Javed revealed that she told Javed Akhtar that she is her granddaughter.

Urfi Javed, the first contestant ousted from Bigg Boss OTT, was falsely associated with Javed Akhtar and Shabana Azmi after she received trolling for her airport attire, images of which had gone viral.

As it turns out, though, such assertion is entirely false. Urfi was recently seen with a pink bra underneath a cropped jacket and denim jeans, which attracted everyone’s attention. The actress received vicious teasing for her outfit selection. Javed Akhtar, a lyricist and screenwriter, was included in this. Because some Twitter users believed Javed Akhtar to be Urvi Javed’s grandfather, he received trolls.

Urfi Javed praised famous poet Javed Akhtar on her Instagram story while sharing a snapshot of the two of them.

“Finally met my grandfather today,” she said. Additionally, he is a legend. Early in the morning, a long line of people gathered for selfies, but he accepted all of them and engaged in friendly conversation with each one. He was really friendly! I’m amazed.

Urfi revealed that she has received abuse because of her clothing choices and asserted that there was much more to her than just her attire. She said she is now an expert at dealing with trolls and wondered why people don’t ask more about her personally. “I grew up in a traditional Lucknow family. But even then, we never had a problem with our apparel. I feel wonderful and don’t give a damn about what people think while I’m wearing clothes that I adore today. I draw inspiration from a variety of sources before having my clothing manufactured,” she had admitted.

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Even the haters who believe Urfi is doing all of this to be at the top of her game received a funny response from her. Urfi had bluntly stated that she would have gone to the airport naked if she were seeking attention.


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