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Ganesh Balakrishnan: The man who rejected shark Anupam Mittal’s job offer

Dreams come true on Shark Tank India. And that’s what had actually attracted Ganesh Balakrishnan, the creator of the Flatheads, onto the programme. He participated in the programme in the hopes of obtaining funding for his company. The events that followed were not only unanticipated on the show’s sets, but he also gained notoriety for his genuine business zeal.

But who is the founder of the Flatheads, whose life’s work inspired many others and catapulted him to fame? Let’s investigate.

Ganesh Balakrishnan, meet him:

The creator of “Flatheads” Balakrishnan is the co-founder and chief marketing officer of Flatheads and a graduate of IIT-Bombay. This is his third effort with this shoe company following a string of two unsuccessful ventures. His company had bad luck during the pandemic, like most other small to midsize businesses in the nation.

He arrived at Shark Tank India Season 2 for that reason. Balakrishnan sobbed during his pitch as he said he would have to close his company and start seeking for work if he didn’t receive funding on the show. But he also emphasised that his firm will continue even if he found employment. Instead, he would carry on with his work and gather funds to recover and restart his firm.

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The sharks were intrigued by this, and they became interested enough to make him offers. Peyush Bansal offered to invest Rs. 75 lakhs for 33% of the company, and Anupam Mittal even offered him a job, but he remained true to his entrepreneurial spirit and declined both offers. In a nation with more than a billion people, a man’s decision to uphold his ideals while having a business that was on the verge of failure made him a true hero.

He was noticed and given what he actually merited. In support of Balakrishnan, users started the hashtag “Flatheads” shortly after the programme aired. They also wrote to him, calling him inspirational and wished him well.


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