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Uorfi Javed revealed screenshots of Chetan Bhagat’s purported WhatsApp conversations

Chetan Bhagat responded to Uorfi Javed’s widely circulated screenshots that appeared to be of the author’s purported WhatsApp conversation. Chetan responded to the screenshots on Twitter, although he did not explicitly address them. I have never spoken to, chatted with, met, or knew anyone where it is being reported that I have. It’s a scam. a lie. also not a problem. I have not voiced any criticism. Additionally, I believe there is nothing wrong with advising people to stop wasting time on Instagram and pay attention to their careers and fitness.
The #MeToo movement was when the chats started became popular.
Chetan and Uorfi are generating news for the uninitiated due to the former’s remark against the latter.
Chetan Bhagat recently made fun of Uorfi Javed by stating, “Boys are loving and commenting on images of ladies. The photographs of Urfi Javed receive millions of likes. According to DNA, “On one side, an Indian kid is defending our country at Kargil, and on the other, we have another youth who is seeing Urfi Javed’s pictures and hiding under their blankets.
As part of the #MeToo movement, Chetan Bhagat allegedly apologised after screenshots of their purported WhatsApp conversation were released. She also shared a screenshot of that news story. “Men like him never admit their own faults; instead, they always blame the women. Simply because you are a pervert does not excuse your behaviour or the girl’s attire. It is such a f***ed thing to say to pull me into a conversation by saying that my clothes are enticing young males. You texting girls isn’t a hindrance to them, right? “@chetanbhagat,” she continued.

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About Uorfi Javed
On October 15, 1997, in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, Javed was born into a Muslim family she attended Lucknow’s City Montessori School for her education. She received her degree in mass communication from Amity University in Lucknow. She is a social media influencer from India and a television actor.

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