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Post Office in the World Has Been In Use For 200 Years

Do you recall your most recent trip to the post office? It is doubtful that you have sent your loved one a letter if you were born in the era of WhatsApp, Instagram, and emails. Writing and receiving letters was once romanticised as one of the most lovely emotions, but that was a decade ago.
Writing letters has evolved into a young art form in response to the development of modern communication methods.
Actor and travel blogger Shenaz Treasury described her experience of visiting Srinagar’s renowned floating post office in an Instagram post. This office is an odd 200 years old. As it floats on the western shore of Dal Lake, visitors from all over the world flock here to collect stamps.
Unfortunately, office had conserved the vintage stamps and turned a room into a museum before the 2014 floods destroyed everything. All mails mailed from this location are sealed with a unique image of a shikara with a boatman. Omar Abdullah, the state’s then-chief minister, and Sachin Pilot, the minister of state for communications and IT, opened the post office in 2011.

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For those who don’t know,
The Spiti Valley’s Hikkim post office is reputed to be the world’s highest. The only underwater office is located on Hideaway Island, where we also have the Vanuatu post office. In May 2003, this post office was formally inaugurated.
The 1984 construction of the Dakshin Gangotri post office in Dakshin Gangotri. The office, however, had to be shut down in 1990 because ice had buried part of it. Then it was moved to Maitri’s new, long-term research facility. In its first year of operation, about 10,000 letters were posted and cancelled.
Shenaz Treasury learns more about the world’s first floating office while visiting Srinagar. It is described as “floating on the western shore of Dal Lake” the 200-year-old office. It’s interesting that visitors come from all over the world to “collect special stamps” here.

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