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UFC 282 results, Highlights: Paddy Pimblett Beats Jared Gordon

In the UFC, Paddy Pimblett has a perfect record so far. In the co-main event of UFC 282 on Saturday in Las Vegas, Nevada, Pimblett defeated seasoned Octagon veteran Jared Gordon a narrow margin by way of a close decision.

Jared Gordon loses to Paddy Pimblett in a decision after a struggle with grappling

Gordon frequently made Pimblett pay for his propensity to maintain a high chin. Gordon unleashed a barrage of powerful left hooks that stuck like magnets to Pimblett’s steel chin. Despite two judges awarding Pimblett a victory in Round 1, Pimblett had his moments in the opening round but generally seemed to land the less powerful blows. More rivalry was present in the second stanza. Both players had their moments, and despite taking some strong shots, neither was seriously injured. In what was a toss-up, Pimblett scored slightly more substantial and total strikes. also read:NMIXX’S Jinni Suddenly Leaves K-Pop Group

The audience will object

Viewers will disagree about Round 3. For the majority of the round, Gordon kept Pimblett up against the cage, but he seldom connected with any significant blows. The number of strikes was modest on both sides, but Pimblett scored a few well-placed knees and elbows while facing the fence. Pimblett won the bout 29–28 on all three judges’ scores, but some judges gave each boxer a different number of rounds.

Paddy Pimblett suffered a foot injury

Despite strong contenders earlier in the evening, Pimblett told UFC announcer Joe Rogan after the fight that the pair deserved Fight of the Night. Pimblett also disclosed that he suffered a foot injury early in the battle and that he wished to collaborate with Gordon on fundraising initiatives.

Pimblett increased his professional record to 20-3 and went 4-0 in the UFC with three stoppages. In his last four fights, Gordon, who is currently 19-6 overall, has alternated between victories and defeats.


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