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TOMORROW X TOGETHER: BIGHIT MUSIC released new concept teaser

On December 21, TOMORROW X TOGETHER published a preview for their upcoming fifth mini album. The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION, on their official social media accounts. In the concept teaser, a butterfly is shown following after the person’s passing while their silhouette is reflected in a curtain that is dripping green light.
The Name Chapter: TOMORROW X TOGETHER has been releasing conceptual storytelling albums. Where each album’s songs are linked to a full story. The ambiguous line “The voice of the devil I met at the window at midnight was pleasant” stands out in this concept teaser in particular. Piqueing interest in the idea that they will use it to build an engaging and sympathetic tale.

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Other news from TOMORROW’S X TOGETHER:
The mini-album vol. 5 The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION, which is making a comeback, will debut on January 27, 2023. Concept photographs for the Daydream version will be released on January 9, 2023, following the concept teaser. On December 21, BIGHIT MUSIC reported that TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s official YouTube channel had more than 10 million subscribers. Because of this, TOMORROW X TOGETHER became the fourth generation K-pop group to acquire 10 million YouTube followers in the quickest amount of time.
On the TOMORROW X TOGETHER YouTube channel, “TO DO X TXT” is gaining popularity as “Gen Z Variety” with original ideas and cutting-edge editing. As well as choreography practise videos where you can check out their performances, brief but nourishing snack material, and more. Released materials include “T:Time,” “EPISODE,” which shows behind-the-scenes footage of various events, and “T-MI,” a highlight reel of Weverse Live. In May, TOMORROW X TOGETHER released their fourth mini album, “minisode 2: Thursday’s Child,” to rave reviews from the British music publication NME. Meanwhile, BTS placed second in the Billboard 200 album category of the 2022 Year-End Charts.

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