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Tomato prices in the country have crossed Rs 120, green vegetables are also eye-catching behind it

Why tomato prices are surge: Tomato prices, which were sold at Rs 40 per kg just a week ago, have increased 6 times to Rs 120. Along with tomatoes, the prices of green vegetables have also started skyrocketing. Four days ago, the price of indian parwal has gone up from Rs 60 to Rs 100 per kg. Beans (bodo) were sold at Rs 40 to 80 per kg. On Tuesday, okra was also sold at Rs 60 per kg in most markets of Kushinagar in UP. Only potato and onion prices are low. In Delhi’s Azadpur wholesale market, the rate of tomatoes has tripled in the last two days. A tomato trader said that due to shortage, they are not getting tomatoes from Uttar Pradesh and Haryana and now they are dependent on Bengaluru for supply.
Most expensive tomatoes in Gorakhpur and Ballari
According to the data given on the website of the Consumer Ministry, the most expensive tomato was sold at Rs 122 per kg in Gorakhpur and Bellary on Tuesday, while the cheapest was sold at Rs 10 per kg in Sambhal. By the way, retail prices of tomatoes have jumped from Rs 80 to 100 in many parts of the country. The most expensive potato car was Rs 50 per kg in Nicobar and Champahi, and Rs 8 in Baran. Talking about onion, it was Rs 60 per kg in Lunglei, Siha and Phek and Rs 10 in Neemuch, Dewas, Seoni. On June 27, the average price of tomatoes at the all-India level was Rs 46 per kg.
Why are prices rising?
If we look at the tomato cultivation and tomato growing states in India, then the highest tomato is grown in Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra in India. There are mainly two crops of tomatoes here. One is sown between August and September and the second crop is prepared between February and July. The tomatoes that should be in the market right now are ready and sold between February and July. But the crop of Haryana, Rajasthan, UP MP has been damaged. Due to this, the prices have suddenly jumped.
The lack of interest of farmers in tomato cultivation is due to the fall in the price of the crop last month. Sowing has been less this year compared to last year. With prices of beans skyrocketing last year, farmers in Kolar started sowing beans this year. However, the crops dried up due to a weak monsoon. Tomato prices fell to Rs 3-5 per kg in May. Many farmers were forced to destroy the crop by driving tractors. Due to shortage of tomatoes in Maharashtra, buyers are going for export to West Bengal, Odisha and even Bangladesh to meet the demands.

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