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All India Football Federation (AIFF) announced the establishment of AIFF Grassroots Day

On June 23, the All India Football Federation (AIFF) declared the creation of AIFF Grassroots Day. Commemorating the birthday of renowned pre-independence Indian footballer Pradeep Kumar Banerjee. On this day, the AIFF was founded, establishing its dedication to raising the game’s standards at all levels. The Blue Cubs programme, started as part of Vision 2047 to build a comprehensive grassroots structure across the nation. It is at the vanguard of this endeavour. Let’s examine the Blue Cubs programme in more detail and comprehend how it revolutionised Indian football.

The Four Pillars

The Connect, Unleash, Build, and Support pillars form the basis of the Blue Cubs programme. These pillars act as a set of guidelines for fostering the overall development of kids between the ages of 4 and 12 and advancing grassroots football.

1. Connect: This focuses on creating strong connections between the many parties engaged in the growth of football. Such as clubs, NGOs, state associations, schools, parents, coaches, volunteers, and organisations.

2. Unleash: India’s entire football potential is to be unlocked through the Unleash pillar. It aims to give kids thorough training and exposure at a young age, aiding in the development of their physical, technical, and tactical skills.

3. Build: This programme focuses on helping kids develop their physical, technical, and tactical skills. It makes sure that thorough instruction is given to provide them the tools they need to succeed in football.

4. Support: The Support pillar recognises the critical contribution made by coaches, parents, volunteers, teachers, and community members to the overall development of children. This pillar goes beyond the playing field. This feature of the Blue Cubs programme emphasises the value of a nurturing atmosphere and the beneficial effects it can have on kids’ general development.

The Blue Cubs program’s goals

The main goal of the Blue Cubs programme is to develop a well-organized grassroots structure that serves kids between the ages of 4 and 12. It aspires to promote mass engagement throughout India by offering in-depth instruction and priceless exposure to football. The program’s inclusive vision aims to overcome social and economic divides to ensure that kids from all backgrounds can participate. The programme emphasises women’s empowerment, gender equality, and encouraging inclusivity.


The Blue Cubs programme combines a number of components to promote the development of football in India and build a strong community of football fans.

1. Fostering Football Enthusiasts: The programme actively engages with village elders, Panchayats, and local communities in recognition of the importance of promoting football in rural areas. The programme values various playing surfaces by promoting accessibility and popularity, allowing young players to experience various situations and minimising any potential limits.

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2. Emphasis on Physical Health and Nutrition: To raise awareness of physical activity and a balanced diet. The Blue Cubs programme involves parents and the neighbourhood. The programme strives to ensure that children receive early attention to nutrition, leading to improved growth and a healthier lifestyle by emphasising the importance of good health and behaviours.

3. Supporting Futsal: The programme fully supports futsal and acknowledges its importance in skill development. The indoor courts of tennis courts and basketball courts can be used to play futsal, a type of indoor football. This little area improves players’ abilities by encouraging close ball control, rapid decisions, and improvisation.



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