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The least populated countries to visit amidst Earth’s soaring population rates

It is no surprise that the world population has touched an all-time high of eight billion, and the numbers will continue to increase as per various research. This increase in population is expected to change the way people view vacations and travel. Now, more people will wish to go to places with fewer humans to have a few moments of solitude and silence.

The least congested countries in terms of population
Namibia, South Africa

Namibia is a perfect destination for people who love wildlife safaris, stunning sunsets, and architectural beauty that keeps them hooked to the ancient cultures of Africa.

Iceland, Europe

A gorgeous island country situated between the Arctic and the North Atlantic Oceans, Iceland is a mesmerizing destination. With its breathtaking ice fields, glaciers, hot springs, hot geysers, and the ever-famous northern lights, the destination is a must-go for everyone. also read:- FIFA to ban beer sales in a last-minute decision in Qatar’s world cup

Suriname, South America

Dive deep into the lush green jungles of Suriname, surrounded by the breeze coming from the sea. The country is famous for its magnificent wildlife safari rides, lip-smacking food, and vibrant party culture.

Mongolia, Asia

This offbeat destination is sandwiched between Russia and China. The location is surrounded by ice-filled mountain peaks, spotless lakes, and scenery to die for! Mongolia is a perfect destination if one wishes to have a unique traveling experience in solitude.

Greenland, North America

This is an island country belonging to the kingdom of Denmark. Greenland holds some of the most beautiful spots worldwide including charming fjords and pretty glaciers with the added advantage of the least population you have ever seen! The place also offers adventures like rock climbing, kayaking, etc.

French Guiana, South America

Explore the dense greenery of the French Guiana jungles and rainforests with spectacular views. This South American destination might seem a bit expensive, but it will be worth all the money due to its superior location and meager population.

Vatican City, Europe

How can we talk about the least populated travel destination without mentioning Vatican City which accommodates about a thousand citizens? The place is filled with beautiful architecture that will make you curious about its history!

Niue, South Pacific Ocean

One of the most incredible island countries, Niue is a destination worth exploring at least once in a lifetime! Famous for its limestone cliffs, coral reef dives, and dolphins, this location will lend you a happy-go-lucky feel.


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