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FIFA to ban beer sales in a last-minute decision in Qatar’s world cup

Just two days before the commencement of one of the most awaited events of the year, FIFA made a decision to ban beer sales in eight stadiums across Qatar. The decision came to light with the host countries and FIFA’s discussion regarding the same.

What constitutes the ban?

The liquor sales have not been put on a complete halt as FIFA has allowed beer sales in fan events at licensed spots. Also, the luxury suites in the stadiums that serve wine, liquor, and world cup 2022 champagne are allowed to continue.

The ban was made to make the FIFA world cup 2022 a more peaceful event than before. The authorities are of the view that the ban will lend a respectable and enjoyable time to the audience. The sale of liquor has been a constant topic of discussion between Qatar and FIFA authorities, as the country strictly controls the sale of liquor under the Wahhabism form. also read:- Rosalía creates history winning ‘Album of the year award’ at 2022 Latin Grammy Awards

What made Qatar ban beer sales in the FIFA world cup?

Qatar will be hosting the world cup for the first time since the beginning of FIFA in the 1930s. Earlier, the country got the bid to host the event in 2010, when the sale of liquor was to be allowed as per the contract.

So, in September, FIFA and Qatar reached an agreement in which beer sales were allowed inside the stadium barring the concession stands. However, Qatar changed the course of events, making a last-moment decision to shift the beer counters to less visual spots.

The distant placement of beer counters will nudge the fans to leave the game if they wish to buy a beer. This will further cause a decline in Budweiser’s sales during the event. The beer company found the ban weird, and tweeted about the same, deleting the tweet afterward.

Budweiser is a long-time partner with FIFA, so the company is currently in conversation with the FIFA authorities about renewing the terms for future events. However, Budweiser’s zero-alcohol drink called “Bud zero” will be available at all stadiums.


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