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The former star of The Vampire Diaries has requested a divorce from his wife, Ines de Ramon.

The actor and director Paul Wesley, who has been married to Ines de Ramon. Decided to break their marriage amicably because he and Ines de Ramon were not getting along. On February 17, he submitted a divorce petition. Paul, who did not want spousal support, listed irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split in court documents that E! News was able to obtain. The couple officially filed for divorce in the spring of 2022. Although Wesley was motivated to do so by Ines’ alleged affair with Brad Pitt.

Paul Wesley and Ines de Ramon’s relationship:

Ines de Ramon, a jewellery designer, and Paul Wesley got married in August 2018 after making their first public appearances together in 2017. In the spring of 2022, they later broke up and are now dating other individuals. De Ramon seems to have been seeing Brad Pitt for some time as the duo was seen out and about and exchanging flowers. Wesley and model Natalie Kuckenburg are rumoured to have been dating when they were pictured kissing on a vacation to Italy in November. Is Natalie Kuckenburg a comeback for Paul Wesley? this raises concern.

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Both are happy pair

Even if there is a lot of speculation about Brad Pitt’s present relationship with de Ramon, it seems like he can never escape dating rumours. They seem to be a really happy pair who enjoy one other’s company if the reports are true.

On Valentine’s Day, Pitt sent de Ramon a sizable arrangement of flowers. Indicating that their romance had developed since they were last seen together in Cabo. Ines de Ramon received the bouquet from Pitt in Los Angeles while he was filming Wolves in New York City, according to insiders.

Fans were perplexed because of how the couple ended their relationship and their abrupt transition to significant others. Although Wesley has achieved success in his career and given the audience a spectacular performance. It is clear that his personal life hasn’t been successful in terms of his personal choices.


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