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The eldest member of BTS, Jin is joining the military in a couple of days

Jin aka Kim Seokjin, the eldest hyung among the member of BTS is going to join the military in a couple of days. This year, he has to completed his military training. Going to the military was something on their mind since the pandemic, BTS revealed. But they were not able to go as they didn’t wanted to be with ARMY in the coronavirus phase.

The military administration is stepping up for maximum security

At the military academy at Yeonchan, the vocalist will be enlisted in the Gyeonggi Province. The military administration is stepping up to make sure that Jin gets maximum security, Korea One news has reported.They also reported that they are hearing how hotels around the military base are being filled up. And, even local merchants are catering to a sudden surge of tourists. also read:-NMIXX’S Jinni Suddenly Leaves K-Pop Group

Main gate is sealed off for general public

The military academy has sealed off the main gates for other people. And, it also seems that only people who are enlisted and their family will be allowed inside the premises. This is an emotional moment for every Korean male and his family so they deserve their precious moments together. The local Korean media said that they have also taken help of the local police to fortify the premises.

According to the reports, around 270 cops will be deployed there. And, they are organising a local task force to make sure that there is no crowding. The Government is under flak for the horrific tragedy in Itaewon, Seoul. This led to loss of 150 plus more lives as crowd control has become need of the hour.

Fans are told not to gather at the area by the BTS member Kim Seokjin aka Jin. This is like a second warning to everyone. ARMYs are worried about everything should go peacefully.


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