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SS Rajamouli RRR worldwide total now stands at Rs. 1199 crores and is expected to cross Rs. 1200 crores

SS Rajamouli RRR has surpassed the $10 million barrier in Japan, marking yet another significant milestone. But, if not for the recent decline in the value of the Yen, it might have been accomplished sooner. Incidentally, the movie’s biggest week in Japan occurred in its twenty-first week of release, when it brought in JPY 125 million, a 60% increase from the week before. The “Oscars bounce” brought on by the film winning Best Song at the 95th Academy Awards ceremony last Sunday can be blamed for this increase in sales. Although though Best Song is not a big award like Best Picture or Best Actor, its victory has still significantly increased the movie’s takings.

RRR to surpass Rs. 1200 billion globally

The epic, which was helmed by SS Rajamouli, has earned JPY 1358 million ($10.15 million) as of last night. As a result, the film has now earned an astounding Rs. 1199 crores worldwide, and is predicted to surpass Rs. 1200 crores today. The third-highest-grossing Indian movie, RRR, overtook KGF Chapter 2 last week and is still maintaining that position.

The week-wise box office collections of RRR in Japan are as follows:

1 – JPY 81 million (8 days)
2 – JPY 72 million
3 – JPY 65 million
4 – JPY 45 million
5 – JPY 50 million
6 – JPY 48 million
7 – JPY 28 million
8 – JPY 26 million
9 – JPY 21 million
10 – JPY 28 million
11 – JPY 31 million
12 – JPY 27 million
13 – JPY 73 million
14 – JPY 110 million
15 – JPY 117 million
16 – JPY 89 million
17 – JPY 75 million
18 – JPY 86 million
19 – JPY 83 million
20 – JPY 78 million
21 – JPY 125 million approx

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JPY 1358 million ($10.15 million/83 crores) is the total.

The data above clearly shows that the movie’s box office receipts have barely decreased over the past two months or so. The movie’s twentieth week, which marked the start of the awards season boom, saw a 5% increase over its thirteenth week. With Japan’s propensity for such protracted runs, it is difficult to anticipate where the film’s collections will ultimately land with such persistent pace. RRR, however, is quite likely to cross the JPY 1.4 billion threshold by Sunday’s end and easily reach JPY 1.5 billion before aiming for the coveted JPY 2 billion threshold during the ensuing few months.


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