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Shashi Kapoor used to have his own era in Hindi cinema, read to know more

In Hindi film, Shashi Kapoor once ruled his own era. His movies and songs used to be extremely popular in the 1970s. Shashi established a unique identity in Bollywood at a time when every member of the Kapoor family was showcasing their talents there through their charisma, flair, and acting prowess. Millions of female admirers were drawn to his gentle grin. Shashi had also believed that the clan’s traditions should be upheld. He also encouraged his two sons Karan Kapoor and Kunal Kapoor to pursue acting careers in Bollywood, believing that the Kapoor family was bred to be actors. But it turned out that both of his boys were flops.

Both of Shashi Kapoor’s sons, Kunal and Karan, received little affection from others.

He was a huge failure since he was unable to win people over with his acting. Nonetheless, both of these flop kids quickly rose to fame after quitting performing. It appeared as though a lottery had been held overnight and both brothers’ luck had changed. We fully describe how Shashi Kapoor’s two kids rose to fame as soon as they quit the entertainment world.

Shashi Kapoor desires for his kid to pursue acting.

Both of Shashi Kapoor’s sons were to carry on the family name, according to Shashi. Yet, none of his offspring had a lucrative cinematic career. They both worked on numerous projects and realised they weren’t cut out for the industry. Both quit their jobs in the film industry and made careers in other industries.

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Acting was never a goal of mine.

Kunal, the eldest son of Shashi Kapoor, was born in Bombay on June 26, 1959. He was enrolled to the Bombay International School by Shashi. Despite the fact that Kapoor was the family’s heir, acting was never his dream. He was moved to London as soon as he finished high school because his father wanted him to become an actor. He enrolled in an acting programme there. With the release of Siddharth, Kunal Kapoor launched his acting career (1972).


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