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Sam Smith and Adele relationship appears to be more complicated than that.

California’s Los Angeles Although Adele and Sam Smith are known for having incredible voices. It seems that there is more to their relationship than just that! The singer of “Unholy,” who uses the pronouns they/them. Recently dispelled a wild idea about themselves: they are actually just Adele in drag! The singer, who will appear on “The Drew Barrymore Show,” sarcastically acknowledged that everyone believes they are Adele in drag.

Smith bases this absurd theory on the fact that they both have similar voices and have never been photographed together.

This rumour hasn’t just started spreading recently; it’s been around for a while. When both of their fan bases began comparing and highlighting the parallels between their voices on social media, it gained traction. This admission follows Smith’s opening up about receiving one of the most bizarre gifts in their lives—interestingly. It was from fellow English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran.

Has anyone ever seen @samsmith and @Adele in the same room? was the tweet that the promo was placed on for “The Drew Barrymore Show.” For more, tune in on Monday, January 23!

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Smith has spoken up on several occasions about getting caught up in absurd circumstances.

The “Writing’s On The Wall” singer had gotten an odd gift from Ed Sheeran: a huge, 6 foot 2 marble sculpture of a p***s. Smith had shown the gift receipt on “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” where they acknowledged that they felt it was a “joke” and that it was “crazy.”

On “The Stephen Colbert Show,” Sheeran explained why he offered the present to Smith. Sheeran said that he originally intended to give the statue to Elton John, but soon received requests from many other people as well. “When Sam saw one while he was recording at a nearby studio, he said, “Can I have one?” What would you prefer, I asked.” Sheeran thought back. “One the size of me, Sam remarked. one that is 6′ 2″ tall. Thus, here we are. I’m done now.”


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