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Ramakkalmedu is one of the windiest places in Asia, read to know more

An accurate description of Ramakkalmedu, a hill in the Western Ghats that rises to a height of around 3,500 feet above sea level. Borders Tamil Nadu and Kerala, is “a slice of paradise.” Ramakkalmedu, in the spice region of Idukki, is a vantage point from where one may see a broad panorama of the villages below. It is located 15 kilometres from Nedumkandom.

At the Ramakkalmedu Junction, where Tamil Nadu and Kerala diverge, the ascent to the mountain begins.

The base of the rocky slope is accessible by a number of pathways. The path leading to the side with views of the Tamil Nadu valley provides a singular experience. A lovely bamboo grove that exudes serenity and extends a warm welcome to nature embraces the rock’s entrance. Here, the first noticeable change is how the sounds of nature soothe the mind. Spend some time observing the small details that nature has provided for you.

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According to legend, Lord Rama stopped here on his route to Lanka to look for beloved Sita, who had been kidnapped by Ravana. The choice of Rameshwaram for “Sethubandhanam” (building of the Adam’s Bridge) is thought to have been made here. Ramakkalmedu is the name given to the area because it is thought that Lord Rama first set foot on this continent.

Ramakkalmedu is among the windiest regions in Asia, it is important to note.

The average wind speed in a given area is 32.5 km/h, however it can occasionally reach 100 km/h. In an effort to harness wind power, the Keralan government has built wind farms there.

Tourists are drawn to Ramakkalmedu’s natural caves as well as the statue of Kuruvan and Kuruthi atop the hill. Tourists frequently visit it because of its proximity to well-known tourist destinations. Like Thekkady’s Periyar Tiger Forest, Kuttikanam, Munnar, and Parunthumpara.


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