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Prince Harry and Meghan have been a “thorn” in Prince William’s side.

By airing his dirty laundry on Harry and Meghan, Prince Harry ‘heightened the conflict’ with Prince William. From the beginning, royal family fans had Harry & Meghan on their radar! The second instalment of the Harry & Meghan documentary series on Netflix focused on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s surprise departure from the UK and subsequent journey to Los Angeles. In Volume 2, Harry discussed in-depth about his strained relationship with Prince William, and it appears that their mounting disagreements have intensified.
After the release of Harry & Meghan, which showed the Duke and Duchess of Sussex being unfiltered about their truth, Prince William reportedly isn’t happy with his younger brother Prince Harry. The Prince of Wales apparently found the docuseries to be a “thorn” in his side.
When asked how he felt about Harry discussing the royal family’s
“He’s disappointed with Harry for putting him and the [royal] family in a cynical way,” the insider continued, “for exposing his dirty linen” on such a significant public platform. After the CBS interview [in March 2021], William had hoped that they might move on, but Harry’s airing of his dirty laundry has only exacerbated their conflict and caused them to regress.” The aforementioned interview with Meghan and Harry on Oprah was unquestionably. Their first on television following their contentious departure from the royal family.

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Harry & Meghan: Information
In Harry & Meghan Vol. 1, which included the first three episodes. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle openly reminisced about their relationship. From their first dates that they had through Instagram DMs through their private proposal and lavish royal wedding. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex discuss what happened before and after their now-famous departure from the royal family, which astounded the entire world, in Harry & Meghan Vol. 2, which includes the final three episodes. Harry and Meghan then talked about how the senior members of the royal family. Including Prince William and King Charles III, reacted to the couple’s historic decision to step down.

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