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Sreejita shares previously unseen information about Tina Datta

Since the beginning of the show. Sreejita De and Tina Datta have not gotten along. This is clearly obvious to everyone inside the house.
One of the most enjoyable and thrilling reality television programmes right now is Bigg Boss 16. The series has a sizable fan base, and viewers are enjoying the current season’s material. Numerous well-known actors have entered the house as participants in the most current season of the show. It’s extremely intriguing to observe how the equations between them change over time.
Sreejita De talks about Tina Datta
Sreejita De was seen discussing Tina Datta with Soundarya Sharma in the most recent programme teaser. She originally participated in the show but was eliminated owing to low ratings. She is now returning as a wild card entry.
Sreejita had earlier been seen making amends with Tina Datta. But now it appears that things have soured because she revealed shocking discoveries about the actress on the show. She claimed that Tina Datta has repeatedly attempted to break into homes. As a result has never been able to settle down in a talk with Soundarya Sharma. It was karma, she claimed.

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Sreejita De divulges startling details.
She continued by saying that Tina is quite lonely and that three years ago, when they were talking, Tina used to tell Sreejita that it was hard to find love.
Sreejita revealed that Tina wanted nothing more than the attention of boys. She claimed that after staying together once, Tina made her recognise that she was a sadist. Sreejita went on to describe her as negative and envious. Sreejita added that she is familiar with the personalities of Tina’s pals, including Rashami and others. Soundarya added that Tina spends all day and night engaging in gossip and talking behind people’s backs.

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