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Novak Djokovic declared as best dressed from ATP Finals

Serbian WTA player was named as the best-dressed player at the ATP Finals gala.Romanian WTA player Andreea Prisacariu, a declared fan of Novak Djokovic, named him so.Priscariu tweeted that “Guess we all know who was the best dressed”.Novak Djokovic is an inspiration for Prisacariu. Andreea Prisacariu revealed how Djokovic helped her become a professional tennis player.

When Prisacariu told about her inspiration and ideal

Prisacariu told Sportal that, “I grew up in Serbia because I often played tournaments there when I was little,”. “I have always felt at home in Serbia because we have the same Balkan blood. Our two countries, we are like a family.There is something different there. I see Novak as a great inspiration for me and that’s where it all begins. also read:- BTS’s RM feels proud to receive the Grammy awards 2023 nominations

Of course, not everything is in Novak, I was inspired by Viktor Troicki and Janko Tipsarevic. I love Serbs, I love Serbian blood and that is something that drives me.That’s why I love the football team. I am a big fan of football and that is why some of my favorite players are Serbian national team players, Milinkovic-Savic, Tadic, Racic. There are many Serbian football players that I love and appreciate.”

This is what Prisacariu wishes to do while she returns to Serbs after a long time

Prisacariu loves Serbia but hasn’t been to the country for many years now.Prisacariu then added to her statement that, she also like to respond to Serbs, to all messages on Twitter and Instagram. She think they are good and she can have a nice community there.She love  serbia culture, food and always feel good when she’s in Serbia.

She haven’t been there for a few years and now she want to come again, maybe for the New Year or maybe for a short vacation. She wish to come and watch the Serbian national team and wear the Serbian jersey and scream at the stadium. Prisacariu also praised Novak Djokovic.

Prisacariu revealed why she love Novak above all

According to Prisacariu, he is a living legend. She couldn’t even get words to describe him, except to say that she love him and he is the best. In this sport, there are also Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer who are champions and legends, but for Prisacariu, Novak is ahead of everyone because of the way he entertains and connects with the audience. Prisacariu told that,”It is something unique for me and he will always have my support, even if he doesn’t know it or doesn’t know me,”.


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