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BTS’s RM feels proud to receive the Grammy awards 2023 nominations

BTS is overjoyed to bag three Grammy awards 2023 nominations to their name, making the total five since they started. They got their first nomination in the year 2020 for “dynamite” and for the song “butter” in the year 2021. This is the third consecutive time when the K-pop guys have made it to the Grammys.

The list starts with their nominated song “my universe” – a collab with Coldplay, listed for the best duo category. Their song “yet to come” stands in the winning race for the best music video category, whereas Coldplay’s “the music sphere” granted them one more nomination for best album, as the band features in the album.

ARMY’s reaction to the nominations

Of course, the ARMY is super excited about BTS’s nominations as they have already started a Twitter thread saying “BTS paved the way”. Many of the ARMY members also showed a little aggression towards the Blinks, who had a gloomy time due to BlackPink’s absence as a nominee. also read:- Grammy awards 2023 nominations list out:-Beyonce bags nine nominations

BTS surely receive nominations in the past two years as well, but they did not win, which made the ARMY cynical about their chances of being nominated this time. They were also of the view that the west has already made fun of the BTS’s music game. One of the ARMY members supported BTS, saying the K-media should be a bit more supportive of the Korean band.

BTS members’ reaction on the nominations

Most BTS members did not respond with any comments for the Grammy awards 2023 nominations. However, RM reacted with an Instagram story by sharing the announcement video and tagging Coldplay in the same.

Another member J-hope shared a story announcing a performance at the Grammy awards 2023; this move, however, was quite appreciated by the band’s fans. Jin will head to the military service this December prior to his birthday, but the schedule for other band members is not finalized as yet.


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