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National Science Day 2023: This year’s theme is perfectly in sync with India assuming the G20 Presidency

Global Science for Global Wellness will be the focus of National Science Day in 2023. According to a statement issued by the Department of Science and Technology, the theme “indicates India’s expanding global position and rising exposure in the international arena” said Dr. Jitendra Singh, the Union Minister of Science and Technology.

Beginning on December 1, 2022, India will preside over the G20.

The topic for National Science Day, according to Singh, is perfectly timed with India assuming the G20 Presidency. Which will see the nation take on the role of the voice of the global south.

India celebrates National Science Day on February 28 every year to remember the discovery of the “Raman Effect.”

According to the statement, Singh claimed that under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership. India has gained “global visibility” in the community of nations and that the nation is prepared for result-driven international cooperation to address global concerns.

Singh added that as issues, problems, and standards take on a global scope, solutions should be similarly global in scope.

The minister remembered that Modi had called for “World Good” last year on National Science Day.

“Let us reaffirm our commitment to fulfilling our joint scientific responsibilities and using the power of science for human progress”. The prime minister had stated.

According to Singh, scientific advances made in India today have moved from the lab to the field. He emphasised that every home uses scientific applications to make life “easier for the average person.”

The minister claims that India is steadily moving in the direction of dominating global industrialization and technical advancement. The new “Science, Technology and Innovation Policy 2020” plan from India seeks to increase the effectiveness and professionalisation of scientific promotion.

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Dr. Ajay Kumar Sood, Chief Scientific Advisor to the Government of India, outlined the justification for this year’s National Science Day topic by stating that since the Covid-19 pandemic. The globe has banded together to address common problems.


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