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Mira Rajput reacts on being labelled as star wife

After marrying actor Shahid Kapoor, content producer Mira Rajput discussed how people now refer to her as a celebrity wife. Despite the fact that male celebrities husbands are seldom called star husbands.

Every time she is mentioned in the media

Mira Rajput complains that she is referred to as a star wife. Since becoming married to actor Shahid Kapoor in 2015, Mira has developed as a content creator, YouTuber, and investor. She frequently promotes domestic products online.

In the seven years that she has been married to the actor, Mira, who is 13 years younger than Shahid, has frequently resented the label “star wife.” She believed that the offensive phrase ought to be fully abandoned.

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On the first episode of the fifth season of Social Media Star With Janice.

Mira explained to host Janice Sequeira why the term should be outlawed. Especially when referring to the offspring of celebrities. We should move past it right away, she urged. Perhaps making an association was necessary for recall value. However, even if you put that on a child and call them a “star kid,” people won’t listen to them because of the term’s sexist overtones. But the phrase is still in use; it seems like it should sort of find its way out. Similarly, I’ve never understood the idea of a star wife; what does it entail?

“You can have an actor or celebrity or a star who has a wife or a husband, nobody says star spouse, why is there a star wife?” Mira continued, appearing with singer-rapper Badshah.

In addition to becoming parents to Misha, age 6, and Zain, age 4, Mira and Shahid were married in 2015. The actor frequently appears in Mira’s online YouTube videos.


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