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Mediapro’s Ligue 1 contract “here to stay”, says CEO Jaume Roures.

Starting in June 2020, France’s Ligue 1 de Football Professional (LFP) has agreed to a €3.3 billion (£3 billion; $3.7 billion) deal with the Chinese-backed Spanish company Mediapro.

In December 2020, abruptly terminating a multi-billion-pound broadcasting deal that clubs had been celebrating since 2018, shook French football to its core.

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In December 2020, shaking French football to its core, clubs abruptly terminated a multi-billion-pound broadcasting deal that they had been celebrating since 2018.

However, in October 2020, Mediapro announced that they wanted to renegotiate the contract because COVID-19 had “changed the equation,” according to its co-founder Jaume Roures.

According to Mediapro CEO Jaume Roures,

the company has no plans to cancel its domestic broadcast contract with France’s Professional Football League (LFP).

During a press conference in Paris, Roures stated that Mediapro will not abandon its four-year, €800 million (US$941 million) per season deal to show Ligue 1 and Ligue 2, but that the company wants to renegotiate the partnership for this season due to Covid-19.

It came after reports that the LFP was ready to hand over Mediapro’s contract to another broadcaster after the company failed to make its second rights fee payment of €172 million (US$202 million), prompting the French soccer body to request a bank loan to ensure that its clubs received their broadcast monies on time.

Despite the public fallout, Roures said that the “contract is here to stay” and that Mediapro “have all the means to find a reasonable solution”.

“No one could have predicted Covid-19’s social and economic effects,” Roures said. “This has led us to examine with the LFP how we can adapt to the situation without jeopardising the commitment we made in April 2018.”

He added: “The contract is here to stay, that’s what we want. The only thing we ask is that we adapt things for this season.”

Telefoot, a new channel launched in August to show Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 in France, as well as European soccer body Uefa’s club competitions, hosts Mediapro’s French soccer coverage.

In an interview
Roures announced that Telefoot had set a 3.5 million target to achieve profitability, but only had 600,000 paying subscribers.

Despite the slow adoption, Roures reiterated Mediapro’s commitment to the Telefoot project and its agreement with the LFP.

“Mediapro has a €2 billion turnover,” he says.“We are 26 years old. We broadcast 16 football leagues from around the world. We have always honoured our contracts..

Telefoot will keep Ligue 1 and the Champions League alive if the French consumer wants to see them, so they must subscribe to Telefoot.

. Telefoot will not disappear, neither tomorrow, nor the day after tomorrow.”


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