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MC Stan nominates Tina Datta for elimination, she got furious

Bigg Boss 16: As the programme moves into its second phase, MC Stan will be out in full force. Fans of the rapper and unaffiliated viewers are shocked
Bigg Boss 16: MC Stan is at last establishing himself as a dark horse
Last night, a lot of viewers believed that he owned the episode. He seized all the content, from surprising Tina Datta with his nominations to his incisive one-liners. Finally speaking on the show, MC Stan. He has demonstrated that his authentic personality makes for excellent Bigg Boss content, but he must draw a limit. He did a commendable job of calling Sajid Khan out for his hypocrisy. Here is a look at MC Stan’s awesome new avatar.
Bigg Boss 16 debate topic: MC Stan’s fans
The TV crew seemed to have realised at last that he has a sizable fan base. He is receiving a lot of help. This has aided him in forming allies within the household.

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Bigg Boss 16: Is MC Stan attracted to Tina Datta as well?
Fans have pointed out that Tina Datta was the subject of MC Stan’s two violent altercations with Shalin Bhanot. He put Tina forward and mentioned that he did not appreciate how, upon her return, she befriended Shalin Bhanot once more.
Bigg Boss 16: A fight between MC Stan and Shalin Bhanot
The rapper has demonstrated his hot head status. Fans of Bigg Boss have a clear preference towards erratic individuals.
MC on Bigg Boss 16 Nimrit Ahluwalia’s unease was apparent to Stan.
Even though he believed Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia was attempting to remove his leadership role in the office assignment, he didn’t voice his concerns. They remain close friends. He did, however, speak about it in private with Shiv Thakare.
Bigg Boss 16: The sibling jodi of MC Stan and Sumbul Touqeer
People adore the friendship that has formed between him and Sumbul Touqeer in their free time. It has a sibling-like connection. Shiv Thakare and he have been well cared for by her. It appears that Sumbul Touqeer enjoys cooking.

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