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Jack Ryan Season 3: Recap And Ending, Explained – Who Killed Russian Minister?

The titular agent of “Jack Ryan” finds himself in the centre of the Sokol Project, a Russian plot, in the third season. The goal of this operation is to restore the Soviet Union to its former splendour and elevate it to the status of the world’s most dreaded country. Ryan definitely doesn’t want that to happen, but without any concrete evidence to support his claim, he finds it difficult to persuade everyone that this is a serious threat.
With James Greer and Elizabeth Wright’s approval
He ventures into ominous situations on both a real and metaphorical level and ends up saving Yuri, a Russian insider, rather than the nuclear evidence that would have pointed to this evil scheme. When the cops murder Ryan’s extraction crew and the insider and send him running, things start to go wrong. Additionally, the assassination of Dmitry Popov, the Russian defence minister, in front of Alena Kovac, the president of the Czech Republic, throws world politics into disarray. So before we get to the conclusion, let’s briefly discuss the Sokol Project’s history and how Jack Ryan deduces the Russians’ ultimate goal.

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‘Jack Ryan’ Season 3: Ending Explained – Does Jack Ryan Stop The USA From Going To War With Russia?
Greer, November, and Kovac take Minister Popov’s bodyguard to traverse the tunnels that will lead them to the Kremlin, allowing Kovac to have an audience with President Surikov and giving Greer a chance to talk to Alexei. Surikov finds out that Alexei has given the order to Captain Antonov to put The Fearless into the waters, whereas Surikov’s direction was to simply prepare it. When Alexei says that he wants to end the stalemate with America, Surikov orders him to bring back The Fearless to the docks.
In the war room, Alexei gives a spirited speech to his ministers, which is essentially about the motivation behind the Sokol Project, and then starts the voting to remove Surikov so that he can carry out his operation without any obstruction. Mike steps in to explain that Alexei intends to worsen Russia’s situation with these two countries to paint the image that Surikov is weak and then get him removed. In a letter to Ryan, he tells him that they have done their job, and now the world is moving forward.

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