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lake looks very beautiful, but imagine if people sit in a boat and sell goods, know more about it

The lake appears to be really lovely, but picture if individuals were to offer items while seated in a boat. How will it feel then? The floating market is what this is called. only in India starting at two. There is a market that is more fluid. Have you visited multiple upscale markets? But have you ever considered your reaction if you witnessed somebody selling products in a lake or river? There are probably more floating markets than you realise. India is the location of one. Read this article all the way through if you want to learn more about global floating markets.

Solomon Islands

East of Papua New Guinea, in Australia’s northeast, is where the island is situated. This scene, which has people selling things from boats on the water, is quite lovely. Although this market hasn’t expanded much, it is nevertheless well-known because of the island’s natural beauty.

Thailand’s floating market

Thailand has a Damanoi Sadhuk floating market. This market is well known throughout the world and has been around for about a century. The market is crowded with shoppers. This area has everything you might possibly need for the boat. So be sure to check out this market anytime you visit Thailand.


Indonesia is a stunning nation as well. This nation’s natural splendour is worth seeing. The Lok Banton Floating Market is a floating market located in Indonesia. This market is situated in the Banjar Regency, close to Borneo.


The most beautiful state in India, Kashmir, is renowned for its stunning valleys and distinctive culture. Even if you may have visited the market to purchase some vegetables, how would you feel if you discovered that they were being sold in the lake? Kashmir is no different.

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There is a vegetable floating market, where veggies are sold sitting in Shikara. Srinagar is home to this bazaar. The market is the second floating vegetable market in the world. You should visit between 7 am and 5 pm if you want to observe this market. This market has existed for roughly 200 years.


In Myanmar, there is a floating market on an inlake. This market offers handmade goods for sale. The boat also contains textiles, ormental items, clothing, and cherut items. Also, you can find necessities here, but the market is constantly changing.


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