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Lady Gaga will portray Harley Quinn in Joker 2, she is the ideal choice for Joaquin Phoenix’s 

One of the most well-known comic villains of all time, The Joker’s popularity soared after Joaquin Phoenix played him in the movie. Lady Gaga will play Harley Quinn in Joker 2, and the film’s cinematographer, Lawrence Sher, recently praised Gaga’s casting.

The director of Joker 2 explains why Lady Gaga is ideal for the role of Harley Quinn.

Joker: The movie Folie à Deux is eagerly awaited.
After extensive discussion among the talent behind the scenes, many people believed that a sequel would never materialise. It’s challenging to make a Joker sequel because it’s so simple to undermine everything that made the original movie great. In most cases, it’s difficult to try to live up to the great expectations that the audience has for the upcoming movie. This movie’s one saving grace is that it wasn’t rushed, unlike most sequels that are made in a hurry to profit on the hype.
Lawrence Sher, the film’s director of photography, has nothing but praise for Lady Gaga’s Harley Quinn in The Hollywood Reporter. The cinematographer said, “She’s going to be a really wonderful fit for this movie and will produce a similar kind of magic that Joaquin brought by himself. We’re excited that the two together will be everything. We hoped it would be, and we know that magic will be waiting for us every day on set. Hopefully there will also be some lunacy in there. We appreciate a little bit of disorder.

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The events of the previous movie will be continued in Joker 2, building on what audiences enjoyed about it.
The new film is expected to include more aspects thanks in large part to Harley Quinn’s participation. It’s unclear how long has elapsed since the first movie or what Bruce Wayne’s role will be. Even though Joker took a very different approach to the Gotham City than what comic book readers are used to, they still adored it. It’s unknown how they’ll depict Harley Quinn’s genesis. But it’s likely that she won’t do what the Joker didn’t do, which was fall into an acid pit. Harley Quinn is scheduled to make another appearance in the DC Extended Universe at some point in the future.

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