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Kareena Kapoor returns with her show, she has cousin Ranbir Kapoor, Kapil Sharma and Shefali Shah

Actress Kareena Kapoor is back with a new season of her show. What Women Want, and the trailer previews the discussions she had with a variety of people. Including her cousin, actor Ranbir Kapoor, comedian Kapil Sharma, actor Shefali Shah, and digital creator Niharika NM.

Ranbir and Kareena discuss how their bad reputation is thanks to Karan Johar

Ranbir and Kareena chat about how Karan Johar is to blame for their poor reputation, probably referencing the director’s Koffee With Karan. Kareena was understated and reserved compared to her previous performances on the same show, while Ranbir announced his departure from the final season of Karan’s show. The actor also made fun of Kareena by joking that they “only meet on couches” because she hasn’t worked with him on a movie. He also mentioned Raha, his daughter.

In addition, he claims that he felt left out because no one took photos of him in comparison to Kareena’s sons Jeh and Taimur. Ranbir continues by saying that he has “no self respect” when it comes to making amends.

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Kareena asks Kapil Sharma if he is a romantic, in the meantime. He made a joke about not having downloaded his two children. Kapil also talks about his encounters with controversy as a result of his tweets. He says with his characteristic wit, “Twitter wali chidiya ne mere tote uda diye (Twitter really messed up my life)”. The controversy sparked by Kapil’s tweets directed at Prime Minister Narendra Modi was also the subject of his Netflix stand-up special.

Kareena Kapoor

An Indian actress who works in Hindi films, Kareena Kapoor Khan (pronounced [krina kpur]; born September 21, 1980) is of Indian descent. She is the younger sister of actress Karisma Kapoor and the child of actors Randhir Kapoor and Babita. One of Bollywood’s highest-paid actresses. Kapoor is renowned for portraying a variety of roles in a variety of film genres, from romantic comedies to crime dramas. She has won numerous honours, including six Filmfare Awards.


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