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John Cena has to be one of the biggest icons, here are the top 11 facts about him

One of the most well-known figures linked with WWE has been John Cena. After all, the legendary wrestler has won the title of World Champion 16 times. The individual, who continues to make a number of special appearances, has served as the face of WWE for a sizable portion of his career. Cena’s last appearance in a WWE match was at Wrestlemania 36.
1. John Felix Anthony Cena is the full name of John Cena.
The wrestler’s full name is John Felix Anthony Cena, but he is better known by his ring name, John Cena.
2. He began bodybuilding when he was just 12 years old.
You might be shocked to learn that John Cena began bodybuilding when he was just 12 years old. The dude has actually gained notoriety for having one of the most muscular physiques among guys.
3. He was a bullied student who was skinny.
John Cena has gone ahead and admitted publicly that, when he was a teenager, he was a scrawny boy who frequently suffered physical abuse at school. He then made the decision that he wanted to grow bigger. Cena actually requested a weightlifting bench as his 12th Christmas gift.
4. He has almost 20 high-end automobiles
He enjoys driving. He currently owns roughly 20 vehicles, many of them are custom vehicles. He also has a few Chevrolets and Corvettes in addition to those.
5. In reality, He had to live in his car.
Today’s automotive enthusiast has literally had to live in his vehicle. According to Cena, he had just $500 when he moved to California after graduation and was fairly certain he wanted to pursue a career in bodybuilding.
6. He has authored several novels for kids.
The fact that He has even written a few children’s books may surprise WWE fans. The famous words of Cena are, It’s acceptable to be different. And you can be who you are. He wrote a particular book series for children in order to spread this message.

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7. John Cena’s pre-match superstition
Every athlete has a peculiar superstition that nobody else seems to really comprehend. Similar to this, John Cena, one of the top WWE Superstars, has a tendency of shaking the opponent’s hand and wishing him luck rather than simply banging on wood. Be careful. Having fun

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